Hi! I’m Amy.


I’m a software engineer at Pinterest on the infrastructure team. On the side, I write about intersectional feminism and social justice.

I believe in the power of applying computational tools to interdisciplinary problems, both technically and socially. I am always searching for opportunities to serve underprivileged communities and to impact the lives of those who do not traditionally benefit from advances in technology. In any of the work I do, I value critical thinking, clarity, and detail-orientation.

In the past, I studied computer science and philosophy at Stanford University. I concentrated in low-level systems programming and take pride in my debugging skills and code quality. My philosophy coursework covered ethics, formal logic, justice, and gender studies. I served on the board of Stanford Women in Computer Science for three years and helped in making computer science the most popular major for female undergraduates during my time there.

For a sample of my writing, I recommend: I need terrible female engineers, The Pie is Rotten: Re-Evaluating Tech Feminism in 2016 (Model View Culture), and Your Culture Has Consequences.