Hi! I’m Amy.


I’m a software engineer at Pinterest on the Visibility Team. I work with timeseries monitoring data, making our systems reliable and intuitive for the rest of our engineers. Some of my past projects include writing Pinterest’s first network tracing system, a custom cache for OpenTSDB data, and a complete UX redesign of our internal tools. Outside of work, I write about intersectional feminism and social justice, get mad on the internet, and love trying new restaurants.

In the past, I majored in computer science and dabbled in philosophy at Stanford University. I concentrated in low-level systems programming and take pride in my debugging skills and code quality. My philosophy coursework covered ethics, formal logic, justice, and gender studies. I served on the board of Stanford Women in Computer Science for three years and helped make computer science the most popular major for female undergraduates during my time there.

I am always interested in opportunities to serve underprivileged communities and to impact the lives of those who do not traditionally benefit from advances in technology.

For a sample of my writing, I recommend: I need terrible female engineers, The Pie is Rotten: Re-Evaluating Tech Feminism in 2016 (Model View Culture), and Your Culture Has Consequences.


Your best bet for getting in touch with me is through LinkedIn, which I check every few months.