Hi! I’m Amy.


I’m a software engineer at Stripe on the Observability Team. I like baking, getting mad on the internet, writing, and cats.

Here are some things I did in the past:

  • worked on monitoring/observability at Pinterest. Projects included writing Pinterest’s first network tracing system, a cache for OpenTSDB data, a UX redesign of our internal tools, and publishing fliers in all of the bathroom stalls. (I named it “Toilet Paper” and it’s still going!)
  • was an undergraduate teaching assistant for CS at Stanford. I taught introductory CS in Java and C++ (programming fundamentals, recursion, classic algorithms and data structures, big-O, etc), held office hours for debugging code with students, graded homework (code review!), and was generally a friendly face for questions.
  • served on the board of Stanford Women in Computer Science for 3 years (as secretary, president, vice president). Computer Science became the most popular major for women at Stanford during my time there, and I like to think I contributed to that.
  • dabbled in philosophy without getting a degree out of it. My favorite classes were existentialism (The Gay Science by Nietzsche – incredible), philosophy and literature, and contemporary moral problems. I also took classes in legal philosophy, ethics, gender studies, and formal logic.


Do not contact me for recruiting, sales, or unsolicited opinions.